Michael Blackson’s Fiancée Gets Off On Watching Him Sleep With Other Women, Actor Says

49-year-old Michael Blackson is the latest celebrity to open up about the intimate details of his sex life. The Next Friday actor is currently engaged to Rada Darling, to who he actually proposed live on The Breakfast Club 10 months ago.At the time, they hinted that their relationship was open when she responded to his proposal with a “Bye, side bitches!” followed by him replying, “90% of the side bitches, bye-bye.”MEGA/Getty ImagesIn his most recent interview, though, the speculation was confirmed. “My girl is like… Rada is a freak, okay?” Blackson revealed during his appearance on It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper. “The thing about it… I mean, early in the relationship she enjoyed watching me sleep with women.”Harper, with a concerned look on her face, responded, “Oh, great.” “You know, she did!” Blackson shot back. “And in fact, when me and her are having sex, you know what makes her cum? When I tell her what I did with the last person.””Oh, okay,” the host said, clearly taken aback. “So she’s in a whole different ballgame.”Despite the online haters, Blackson and Darling maintain that they’re very happy in their relationship, with the comedic star even dropping off some relationship advice in an Instagram caption.”I told Rada to stay happy, don’t read your comments,” he wrote to the trolls. “93.8% of the people that write the comments are single, broke, and vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson.”Listen to Michael Blackson’s full appearance on It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper below, and let us know what your thoughts on him and Rada Darling’s bedroom antics are in the comment section.[Via]

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