Luka Doncic’s Weight Loss Impresses NBA Fans

Luka Doncic is one of the best players in the entire NBA, and there is no doubt that he has the potential to be an MVP in the league. He was able to carry the Dallas Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals this season and he did so with very little help. If you were to give him a second All-Star, it is very likely he could even with a title, just like Dirk Nowitzki did back in 2011.One thing that fans have noticed about Luka, however, is that he typically enters the season with a bit of extra weight on him. This leads to a rigorous workout regime that gets him back into playing shape within just a couple of months. Thankfully, it seems like Luka has learned his lesson as a recent picture of the Mavs superstar shows him at his skinniest. Doncic has clearly been putting in a lot of work, especially since he has been playing some EuroLeague ball. After what he accomplished last season, this upcoming campaign is going to be very important, and Doncic seems ready for the moment.As for fans, they seem to be extremely impressed with the star’s fitness level. In the tweets below, many are predicting that Doncic will wind up winning MVP, and could even average in the 30s this season.Let us know what you think of Doncic’s weight loss, in the comments below.

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