Luka Doncic Drinking Beer Goes Viral, Mavericks Respond

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks have a huge game tonight. The franchise hasn’t been to the Western Conference Finals since 2011, however, they are back after a hard-fought series against the Phoenix Suns. Doncic was a monster against the Suns, and fans are very excited to see what he can do against a team like the Golden State Warriors, who are most certainly favored in the matchup.When you’re playing a big game like this one, preparation is everything. You have to be on top of things as you don’t want the other team to get a leg up on you. Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t be drinking any alcohol just hours before the match.Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesWell, an image of Doncic drinking beer was making the rounds on social media today and it had fans thinking that Doncic was as laid back as ever prior to Game 1. For many fans, this was a pretty shocking thing to see the day of the Western Conference Finals, however, it is now being reported that this photo is old.This information comes from TMZ who got a statement from a spokesperson from the Mavs, saying “I can tell you this wasn’t taken today.”The game goes down tonight in San Francisco, and it should prove to be a lot of fun. Give us your predictions for the game, in the comments below.

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