Logic Says 6ix9ine Is A “Prime Example” Of A Rapper With A Fake Persona

Throughout the history of music, artists have donned personas in order to sell records. Whether they portray an innocent appeal, a sexual vibe, or a dangers-type character, these manufactured personalities have been a hit among music lovers as they play into the characters. Now, there are plenty of artists, particularly rappers, who live the rhymes that they pen, however, we have also seen emcees promote the street life when they were never exposed to such dangers.Logic has had an inside look into the industry as his successful career in the Rap game has flourished, and during his recent interview with Impaulsive, he used Tekashi 6ix9ine as an example of artists using a fake persona to advance their visibility.Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images“Ninety-nine f*cking percent of rappers are a mask, that’s not really who they are. Tekashi 6ix9ine is a prime example,” Logic said.”It’s very evident that he puts on this character, especially if you judge based off what he said in court,” he continued. “I ain’t trying to start beef with 6ix9ine! I’m just using an example that there are some rappers out there that are more about a persona and a personification, and because of that, when people sh*t on their music, it doesn’t matter because they’re not really portraying who they are on the record.””Me, I’m out here talkin’ ’bout changing my son’s diapers and sh*t, so if you say that’s wack or you say all this other sh*t, that’s difficult.”Check out the clip below as well as Logic’s full appearance on Impaulsive.View this post on InstagramA post shared by Impaulsive (@impaulsiveshow)

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