Lil Pump Brings Fan In Wheelchair On Stage In Inspirational Video

Lil Pump needed some good news. He’s been going through a rough patch as of late. He was hit with a tax lien after allegedly owing the IRS $89,000. He then was sued by American Express over a $26,000 bill. And most recently, it came out that he’s at risk of losing his $5 million mansion in Miami.Good news has come in the form of a devoted fan. While Pump was performing at the Montreal Metro Metro Festival, he spotted a fan who he wanted to bring on stage. The fan, named Woody Belfort, is in a wheelchair, but it didn’t stop him from making it to the stage and showing off some incredible dance moves.Paras Griffin/Getty ImagesIn the video, which has now gone viral, Woody is carried to the stage by throngs of supportive fans. “I saw my boy in the crowd,” Pump says in the TikTok depicting the event. “So I had to bring him up.” When Lil Pump resumes performing, Woody leaves it all on staging, doing flips, handstands, and more. It’s clear Lil Pump is impressed, and the video has garnered tons of support online.Belfort was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a kid, and according to interviews he’s done after the show, he plans on using the video to inspire others to embrace themselves for everything that they are. Woody goes on to say that for a long time he felt like an outsider, which all changed in high school when he began training his body and doing sports.Check out Woody’s moves in the video below. He definitely knows what he’s doing.[via]

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