Lil Meech Released From Jail, Haimov Jewelers Issues Statement: “We Reached Out”

He has reportedly been released from jail but the jewelers that claimed they were victims of Lil Meech’s alleged theft have reportedly spoken out on social media. Meech, Black Mafia Family actor and son to incarcerated Big Meech, was reportedly taken into custody on charges of first-degree grand theft and one count of organized fraud. It was said that Lil Meech purchased a $250,000 luxury watch from Haimov Jewelers and initially put down an $80,000 deposit but never returned to pay off the balance.Authorities also accused Meech of taking that same watch and trying to trade it in at another store. Now, Haimov has reportedly issued a brief statement on Instagram.”Haimov jewelers Is a family business. You cannot trade a watch that wasn’t paid for to another jeweler And take the next jewelers watch and not pay them as well,” they wrote on their Instagram Story. “We all work hard for our money and do clean business. We reached out many many times but you ignore. If someone owed you 200k would you let it slide?””We put our blood sweat and tears into making this business successful We came from the buttom!” Lil Meech has not answered the allegations directly but a clip of him after his release has surfaced. [via]

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