Lil Durk Reacts To Drake’s SBL Victory, Calls Himself Best Hip-Hop Hooper

Drake is one of the most eager hoopers in the hip-hop world. He is very rich and loves the competition, so it should come as no surprise that he would create his very own organization called the Sanctuary Basketball League. Drake has his very own team in this league, and this year, they won it all on his home court at his mansion in Toronto.As you can see in the video below, Drake was absolutely pumped to win especially since he scored the game-winning basket. It was a huge moment for Drake who was playing alongside some of his best friends in Chubbs and OVO Mark.Following Drake’s big triumph, TMZ caught up with Lil Durk, who is also known for being great at basketball. When asked about Drake’s win, Durk said that he respects Drake for creating his own league and that he would be interested in doing something similar. Eventually, Durk proclaimed to be the best hooper in the hip-hop world and that if he were to go toe-to-toe with Drake, he would most certainly come away with the W.Durk has been praised by various basketball observers, including none other than LeBron James. On The Shop, LeBron proclaimed that Durk had a canon of a shot and that he could hoop with the best of them.Perhaps next year, Durk should sign up for the SBL and give Drake a real run for his money.[Via]

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