Lil Baby Returns With “U-Digg” Ft. 42 Dugg & Veeze

On the heels of his Untrapped documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, Lil Baby has returned with a new single along with 42 Dugg and Veeze. Prior to partnering with the Detroit rappers on “U-Digg,” Baby celebrated his new documentary finding a home on Prime Video and was excited that the world will be able to dive deeper into the story of his adolescence and rise to fame.“I’m blessed to be able to tell my story and have people care to hear it,” he said. “This film is a real look into my journey, and if it inspires even one person to believe that they can get through hard stuff and dare to follow a dream, then it was worth every penny spent and hour worked. My story is many people’s story and I’m excited to share it.” On “U-Digg,” we also find Lil Baby stretching his directing skills as he gets behind the camera for the track’s visual. Stream “U-Digg” and let us know what you think.Quotable LyricsGot a white girl like Mary Jane, tryna swing in like Peter ParkerCan’t blame him, that’s my son, he just doin’ the sh*t I taught himOn Rodeo in a Maybach, they think that that’s Rick RossWanna f*ck me, she a broke b*tch, sorry boo, that’s a big, “Hell nah”Wanna sneak diss, it’s cool though, but your ass better not get caught (Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa)

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