Lil Baby Joins Restauranteur To Provide 100 Jobs To People In Metro-Atlanta

There are enough stories floating around Hip Hop that have to do with negativity, so Lil Baby interjected with some good news about his recent partnership. The world has received a more intimate look at the Atlanta rapper following the release of his Untrapped documentary, and throughout his career, Baby has made efforts to improve his community. The rapper has hosted giveaways and championed initiatives that help underserved areas, and today (July 20), it was shared that he plans on helping people in Atlanta find employment.According to Complex, Lil Baby has connected with Lemont Bradley, a restauranteur, “to provide 100 jobs to people, specifically those under the age of 21.” It was also noted that the rapper and Bradley have been friends for years.“We are looking to give out 100 jobs to teenagers and young adults in the metro-Atlanta,” reads a joint statement. “With the crime rate surrounding scams, robbery, and even murder being so high, we are looking to provide a positive outlet and revenue stream to those who are looking for an income.”“We are so excited about this initiative,” they continued. “Of course, we are looking forward to helping boost the city’s economy but we are really focused on lowering the city’s crime rate.” Bradley reportedly owns several restaurants in the Atlanta area, including one that recently opened, and he is said to be hiring immediately.Check out a video from 2021 where Lil Baby talks about the importance of giving back to those in need.[via]

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