LeBron James Hoops With Bronny & Bryce In The Driveway: Watch

LeBron James has built one of the most impressive empires in the entire history of sports. For instance, he just became a billionaire which is a wild feat to accomplish when you are still playing the game of basketball. Through endorsement deals, his media ventures, and the sport that he loves, LeBron has been able to build generational wealth that will keep his family secure for years.Of course, LeBron has two teenage sons Bronny Jr. and Bryce Maximus. They are both impressive young basketball players in their own right and they both currently play for Sierra Canyon. There is a chance that both end up in the NBA someday, and LeBron is doing everything he can to develop them the right way.Kevork Djansezian/Getty ImagesFor instance, LeBron recently spent some quality time with his sons in their driveway. In the Instagram post below, LeBron delivered an 8-minute video in which he shoots around with Bronny and Bryce by his side. The three seemed to be having a blast, and there is no doubt that LeBron himself was feeling extra proud with his kids by his side. They are a true basketball family and LeBron is helping his boys achieve their goals, which is something you love to see.The best part of this clip is that each of them had to make three shots in a row before they could go back inside. Bryce and Bronny welcomed the challenge with open arms, and eventually, they made their shots.Hopefully, LeBron gets to play NBA basketball with at least one of them before he retires.

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