Latto Admits That She Enjoys Rapping About Sex

Earlier this month, Latto dropped a new single titled “P*SSY,’ but despite its seemingly sexual title, the track was actually a political track that addressed the controversial overturning of Roe V. Wade this summer. Upon its release, the Atlanta-bred rapper expressed her frustrations about fans criticizing her for speaking out about social issues, saying, “I took my frustrations to the booth like a RAPPER & [I’m] using my platform to spread awareness. Y’all complain about female rap lacking substance, but then say I’m ‘capitalizing’ when I speak on sh*t…help me understand???Today, Latto is back with a guest feature on Nardo Wick’s new Who Is Nardo Wick?? (Deluxe) track “Baby Wyd (Remix),” and while promoting the song, she made it clear that there’s room for all types of female rap, whether it be political or sexual.Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe 777 artist appears alongside Lakeyah and Nardo Wick on “Baby Wyd,” and throughout the Kid Hazel-produced track, Latto delivers NSFW lines like “Got the, ‘Hello, nice to meet you’ grip, you know this p*ssy snatch?” and “Daddy, what you doin’? Come here, I been missin’ you/I wanna f*ckin’ lick on you/Swallow it, and sip on you.” In a short string of tweets, Latto discusses her love for sexually charged raps.”Truth is I love rapping about sex it makes me feel so powerful and liberated and SEXY,” Latto tweeted. “But when I do yall say that’s all I rap about lol even tho I have a million other songs where I don’t.”Listen to Latto’s sultry new verse on Nardo Wick’s “Baby Wyd (Remix)” below, and let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of her more sexual lyrics. [via]

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