Larry June Drops Newest Single “Private Valet”

Larry Eugene Hendricks III, who goes by Larry June, is a 31-year-old rapper hailing from San Francisco, California. He is most celebrated for his usage of unique and old-school beats, his mellow tone that flows smoothly on tracks, and for spitting some relatable and motivating rhymes. He’s continued on that route with his latest single.Yesterday (July 15), Larry dropped his newest record “Private Valet.” The two-minute track had a 70s vibe, with its use of high-pitched instruments along with a hint of soul and jazz underneath. To start off the song, Larry provided some advice for his listeners, “Don’t ever call yourself a man if you can’t keep your composure. Straight up, just a little game for you.”Throughout the song, Larry rapped about all the riches he has acquired throughout his life. Speed boats, heated toilet seats, Lamborghinis, and mink coats were just a few of the items he listed that have been the results of his wealth.The artist also dropped a music video for the record in which he is traveling through the city freely. In just 24 hours, it has garnered over 100,000 views.Watch the video and stream the record below.Quotable LyricsShe got a whole situationBut ready to risk it allI ain’t with the dramaWhen you ready, just give me a call 

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