Lamar Jackson Claps Back At Reporter Over OTA Criticism

Lamar Jackson is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL and going into this season, fans are excited to see how he will bounce back from his injury. Of course, Jackson is a player who can do big things on the field as he is a dual threat in terms of passing and running the ball. Having said that, Jackson should be poised to have a great season.To start the year, Jackson has decided not to take part in the optional OTAs set out by the Ravens. This captured the attention of NBC’s Chris Simms who offered some strong critiques of the QB. Jackson did not appreciate what was said and he let Simms know in a succinctly written tweet which can be found below.Jason Miller/Getty Images”Lamar wants to be Lamar Chris,” Jackson said. “This part of OTAs is Voluntary my Guy I will be there, just not on your watch it’s probably other QBs not attending Voluntary OTAs either but since it’s Lamar it’s a huge deal. Find something else to talk about.”Jackson is coming off of a season in which he got sidelined due to an injury. For now, he is simply getting some rest and we’re sure he will be back on that field soon.

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