Kodak Black Is Tired Of “YB Better” Trolls: “That Sh*t Be Irritating”

It seems as if Kodak Black still has more to get off of his chest this week and he’s kicking up dust. We previously reported on the Florida rapper airing out frustrations over people taking advantage of him. Kodak penned a lengthy Instagram caption where he declared that he is no longer going to be giving out handouts and doing favors for ungrateful people, but that wasn’t the only topic he wanted the vent about recently.DJ Akademiks shared a video showing Kodak giving himself praise while stating that anyone.”I promise y’all—shoutout my n*gga Pluto, shoutout my n*gga Future, I swear to God. All these n*ggas albums mid,” he said. “I’m living off 50 Gs for this month. All these n*ggas albums mid. I f*ck with Pluto, that’s my n*gga. We ’bout to go on tour.”Rich Fury / Staff / Getty ImagesFans and foes of Kodak were quick to respond with cosigns or passionate disagreements. People named several rappers who have released albums in 2022, including NBA Youngboy who dropped The Last Slimeto today (August 5). Fans of the Louisiana rapper fired off “YB Better” posts and some even made it a hashtag, prompting Kodak to return with a final message.”Bra I Like YoungBoy Music ITS JUST THIS N*GGA FANS HOMIE ! OR WHOEVER TF BEHIND ALL THIS #YBBETTER SH*T,” he wrote. “THAT SH*T BE IRRITATING [straight face emoji] AND CANT NOBODY ELSE SAY THEY DONT FEEL ME , A N*GGA TOO REAL I AINT HATING ON NO F*CKIN BODY I JUST SAY WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE SCARED TO SAY.””Anyways My NEW Sh*t Finna Drop Soon & AINT NOBODY F*CKIN WIT THIS ALBUM PERIOD  IM DELETING MY PAGE TOO KUZ IM TIRED OF ALL THIS P*SSY ASS SH*T , I B FEELING LIKE KILLING MUHF*CKAS , THIS WHOLE FAME & INTERNET SH*T BOGUS , IMA KEEP THUGGIN IN MY LIL CORNER OVER HERE.”Check out more from Kodak Black below. 

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