Klay Thompson Knocks Over Woman & Loses Championship Ring: Watch

Yesterday was huge for the city of San Francisco as the Golden State Warriors made their way through the city to celebrate their fourth NBA title in just eight seasons. All of the team’s stars were out and about, having a grand old time. There was a lot to celebrate as the team’s big three are now cemented as some of the best dynasty players of all time.A major part of that big three is none other than Klay Thompson. Thompson had missed two full seasons due to a multitude of injuries, and it made his latest championship that much more bittersweet. Michael Urakami/Getty ImagesAs it turns out, Thompson’s parade attendance was perhaps the most eventful of anyone on the Warriors. Thompson was certainly having an amazing time, and it led to some pretty wild moments. As you can see down below, Thompson ended up losing his championship ring at one point, however, he was able to get it back. From there, he decided to run through the crowd which led to him tripping, falling, and knocking a poor woman over.Thankfully, Thompson apologized to the woman who was okay following the hit. Thompson then went on his merry way as he had some celebrations to get to.After all that he has been through, it’s easy to see why Thompson would want to go so hard.

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