Kim Burrell Shares Another Apology After Calling Out “Broke,” “Ugly” Church Members

Gospel singer Kim Burrell is facing severe backlash this week following comments she made during a church service where she called out “broke” people. The clip from her speech began making rounds on TikTok before spreading further on Instagram and TikTok. Jason Kempin/Getty Images”Sometimes before we get friends, we have to do an interview,” she said. “How long have you been broke? How long have you changed your name on your light bill? Do you live in a trailer home or house? It’s not about status or material things, it’s just about choices.”Afterward, she took aim at COVID-19 mandates and even insulted fellow churchgoers as being “ugly.” “All of you are beautiful, I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. You all look great, most of you have on hats to cover that [your ugliness] anyway,” she said.The comments spread like wildfire and many people criticized Burrell for the distasteful comments, especially at a place of worship. Some have called for her to be canceled while others have pointed out her past transgressions. And while she issued an apology, it certainly didn’t feel genuine.”As a kingdom citizen, and a woman of integrity, I acknowledge that some of my words, even if said in jest, can be offensive. My intention is never to hurt anyone, but to spread love, laughter, and more importantly, the gift which God has given me in song. If anyone was offended, I can sincerely say I apologize,” she wrote before immediately getting defensive. She called out her critics who she said, “are displaying the very thing they accused me of.” “My image has been used in multiple places and false statements and narratives have been created,” she added before threatening legal action. “Slander and defamation are not taken lightly especially if it affects my name, image, or brand. Those pages wherein vile comments and false narratives have been created have been noted, reported, and hopefully silenced.”The apology quickly backfired and issued a video apology where she explained how her letter did not “convey right” before blaming her lawyer. “The latter part, y’all know I know, it was offensive. It should have been. It was not my intent for it to be but it was her wording to say ‘they need to be aware,'” she explained. “I said, ‘Nah.’ My friends called me and said, ‘no, there are still people who are hurt from the part of them they love about you.”View this post on InstagramA post shared by Kim Burrell (@kimburrelllove)Some people still weren’t buying her apology. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates regarding the situation. 

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