Kid Cudi Walks Off Rolling Loud Stage After Fans Keep Throwing Items At Him

He’s an artist who does his best to keep his head down and stays out of controversy, but Kid Cudi had enough at Rolling Loud Miami. Concerts have always been places where fans have thrown items on stage to catch the attention of performers. Some artists have collected bras and underwear, and some people toss paper with their phone numbers, but recently, there has been a rise in audience members chucking items while almost injuring rappers.Sometimes, artists will make a video from the stage for a lucky fan who may or not receive their tossed phone back, but often, these item-throwing fans have been more of an annoyance for people on stage, including Kid Cudi.Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty ImagesCudi took over Kanye West’s slot at Rolling Loud Miami after the mogul backed out at the last minute. A clip of Cudi’s performance was shared online, but he didn’t seem to be having a good time. He had been dealing with an ongoing problem of people throwing things at him, and he suggested that these items weren’t just landing randomly, they were making contact.”If I get hit with one more f*ckin’ thing, if I see one more f*ckin’ thing on this f*ckin’ stage, I’m leaving. Don’t f*ck with me,” he said in a video as his band continued to play in the background. The irate rapper stood there but for a brief moment before another item came into view. Then, Cudi walked out.The disappointed crowd’s roar was heard before the clip cut out. At the time of this publication, Kid Cudi has yet to speak on the incident. Watch the brief clip below.

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