Key Glock Takes On Future’s “712 AM” On New Freestyle

It’s been a tumultuous few months for Key Glock but in recent times, he’s turned to music as he’s confronted adversities. The rapper slid through with the release of Yellow Tape (Deluxe) earlier this year, and now, he’s slid through with a brand new freestyle. The Memphis rapper takes on Future’s “712 AM” off of I Never Liked You and celebrates his consecutive wins. The rapper’s muddy flow takes on a similar cadence to Future’s while basking in the glory of his wealth. The record also came with an accompanying music video that shows him cruising around in a yellow Lamb truck, hitting the gas station, and stocking up on soda.Check out the latest from Key Glock below and sound off with your thoughts on his freestyle in the comments. Quotable LyricsThis hoe lyin’ about a kid, I should’ve never took that bitchI got hoes, some of them married, I don’t even care them bitches looseI got Fentanyl in my diamonds, that’s another reason they blueI don’t even care what these n***as talkin’ ’bout, none of that shit gon’ workI got some real hittas, some real hittas, that gon’ put a n***a on a shirtYou think a n***a like me give a fuck about fame? I got it out the dirtI gotta take this shit up with God ’cause I put God first

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