Kevin Liles Tearfully Vouches For Young Thug In Court: “He’s Like A Son To Me”

Young Thug was among 28 individuals who were indicted on RICO charges, and each day, it feels like there’s a new development in the case. Thugger’s remained behind bars since he was arrested in early May but today, he returned to court for his bail hearing. As fans anticipate his potential release, 300 Ent. co-founder Kevin Liles took the stand to vouch for Thugger.Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty ImagesIn a tearful clip circulating online, the prosecutor in the case explained that there would be a possibility of $1M in expenses for 24-hour security, if Thug was granted bond. Kevin Liles said that both he and Thug could afford that without any questions. Afterward, the prosecutor also asked if Liles was willing to take on responsibility for Thug’s release on bond, which would mean that he would personally be liable if the ATL rapper breaches any conditions. “The court could have you signed as a cosigner on that bond and you would actually have a lien against your wealth if Mr. Williams violate condition body. You still willing to do that?” The prosecutor asked.”He’s like a son to me. Yes, without hesitation,” Liles replied.He also denied that Thug would intimidate witnesses or harm his community if released. “This whole thing that people are talking about, that’s not him. The Jeffrey I know? The Jeffrey I know would give me the clothes off of his back. The Jeffrey I know? I can give him my kids, he could give me his kids. That’s the Jeffrey I know,” he said.Liles also addressed the use of Thug’s lyrics against him in this trial. “I’ve been fighting this battle for over 40 years. It’s not new and it’s funny how we’re the #1 music in the world and they want to bring this back up,” he said. “‘Our music,’ we’ve been on trial, and we’re constantly on trial about who we are, what we are, why we are. Ain’t nobody ever gave us nothing…. We talkin’ bout lyrics. Lyrics? I don’t understand the thing. I’mma keep fighting for it because self-expression. I believe we should protect Black art. And I’m on trial for lyrics? C’mon man.”

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