Kevin Hart Jokes With Mark Wahlberg About Losing “Entourage” Role To Bow Wow

We knew that Hart to Heart would be filled with laughs, and an episode with Mark Wahlberg had Kevin Hart revisiting a time when he lost out on a role. He’s now known as one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, but like thousands of other entertainers, there was a time when he was looking for major roles that could further push his career. Years ago, Entourage ruled the airwaves as the hit HBO series dominated for eight seasons, and actors were scrambling for their opportunity to make appearances, including Kevin Hart.Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images”Big deal, f*ckin’ Entourage. Dude, this would be great for my career, I gotta get this,” Hart recalled. “My manager calls me. ‘Hey, they got a part. Part is gonna run over for about three episodes. They wanna see you.'” Hart was ecstatic to even be considered because he just knew the visibility was going to be a launching point, but things didn’t go according to plan.According to Hart, time went by but he didn’t hear back. “I just remember watching Entourage and seeing Bow Wow do the scene,” the comedian added. “And I was like, ‘I lost the part to f*ckin’ Bow Wow.’ You know, Bow Wow, very talented guy, but at the time, it hurt.”He then joked that the story was all a ploy to lead up to sticking it to Wahlberg. Check out the clip of the friends below.

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