Kevin Gates Enlists Brittany Renner For “Bad For Me” Visual

Kevin Gates has been through a lot as of late. From a stint in jail to a very public breakup with his wife Dreka, there is no doubt that Gates has a lot to rap about these days. Recently, Gates dropped a brand new album called “Khaza” and it has already made a big impression on his fans. There are plenty of great tracks to be found here, and one of them is the song “Bad For Me,” which is about a relationship gone wrong. Temptations are a sore spot for Gates, and he makes note of that throughout the track.Now, there is a music video for the song, and as you will see in the clip above, it features none other than Brittany Renner. A lot has been said about Renner in the media, and it is clear that she is playing up to it all here as she is the seductress of the video. Gates knew exactly what he was doing including her in the music video for a song called “Bad For Me,” and that irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone.Let us know what you think of the music video, in the comments down below.

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