Kevin Durant Gets Back At Colin Cowherd, 15 Years Later

When Kevin Durant was drafted back in 2007, he was mostly going up against Greg Oden to become the first overall pick. Eventually, the Portland Trail Blazers took Oden with that first pick, which allowed Durant to go to the Seattle Supersonics, who eventually became the Oklahoma City Thunder. In retrospect, that was one of the worst decisions in the history of the NBA as Oden could never get any momentum going due to injury problems. At the time, Durant had raised suspicion from scouts as his combine numbers were less than ideal. He was unable to bench 185 pounds during his workout, and his speed was slow compared to Oden’s. This eventually led to a scathing rant from Colin Cowherd, who went on his radio show and slandered KD into oblivion.Elsa/Getty ImagesRecently, this rant resurfaced on social media, and it eventually went semi-viral. In fact, the tweet was big enough for Kevin Durant to see. KD loves engaging in discourse on Twitter, and one can imagine he was licking his chops to say something here.In the end, that is exactly what he did as he mentioned Cowherd, saying “Can I take a victory lap or I gotta wait until I retire?”Cowherd’s take is one of the all-time bad takes in sports radio history. Oden never even played a full season’s worth of basketball while KD is on his way to being among the top five players to ever step on the court.

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