Kevin Durant & Draymond Green Laugh At Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith has been getting a plethora of new co-hosts on First Take as of late. On Wednesdays, he has Chris “Mad Dog” Russo while the rest of the week, he has to contend with JJ Redick, and now CJ McCollum. Yesterday, McCollum and Redick ganged up on Smith after he delivered a questionable take about the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, and new head coach Darvin Ham.It was quite clear that Redick and McCollum schooled Smith on this subject which then led to the clip going viral on social media. As you can see down below, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant both commented on the situation, and they certainly had a laugh at Smith’s expense.”Steve can’t beat up on max Kellerman the boxing guy and the new baseball guy “mad dog” or whatever his name is? I’m locked in now,” Durant wrote on Twitter.Of course, Smith couldn’t go down without a fight as he acknowledged KD’s tweet. Down below, he wrote “Haaaa! Appreciate you watching bro @KDTrey5. Thanks for the love.”Needless to say, players are appreciative of what Redick and McCollum are doing to the sports debate format. They are bringing some much-needed level-headedness to the playing field and it is certainly disrupting what First Take used to be.

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