Kevin Durant Calls Out Patrick Beverley With Classic Kanye Tweet

Over the past week or so, Patrick Beverley has been running around ESPN talking smack about Chris Paul. The Minnesota Timberwolves veteran has been very disrespectful to CP3 and it is pretty clear that he has some sort of axe to grind. It makes very little sense but Beverley is getting a lot of ratings, and shows like¬†First Take couldn’t be happier about what’s going on.With that being said, a lot of players are being rubbed the wrong way by Beverley. He is a glorified role player who doesn’t really have much room to speak in such a manner. Players around the league are now clapping back at Pat Bev, and one such player is none other than Kevin Durant.Harry How/Getty ImagesIn the tweets below, Durant said “These guys need to stop” all while reposting that infamous Kanye tweet in which he wrote “he running around like he pac. It was a pretty hilarious response to what Beverley is saying, however, we’re sure Pat Bev does not care one bit. He is one of the most relevant men in the NBA right now, and he loves that attention more than anything.As for Chris Paul, he is certainly being defended hard right now. A lot of fans appreciate what he has done for the game, and they know his legacy is much bigger than whatever Beverley is making it out to be.Let us know what you think about this situation, in the comments below.

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