Kevin Durant Calls Out Charles Barkley For Absurd “Bus Driver” Comments

One of the most critical oldheads in the NBA today is none other than Charles Barkley. As an analyst on TNT, Barkley has had some harsh words for some of the league’s biggest stars, including none other than Kevin Durant. With the Warriors enjoying so much success, Barkley has likened Durant to a “bus rider” as opposed to a “bus driver.”Recently, CJ McCollum sought to dispel this myth while appearing on ESPN. In the clip below, McCollum claims KD was always the best player on those Warriors teams, saying “[Kevin Durant] was the bus driver of that team. … His resume speaks for himself. There’s no blemishes on it.”The segment from Get Up! made its way to KD, who was clearly fired up about what Barkley was saying. Durant has always been one to call out slander and this particular instance was no exception. As you will see, Durant had some smoke for Barkley, who is pretty well fed up with at this point.”All this shit is nasty, another terrible analogy from a hatin old head that can’t accept that we making more bread than them,” Durant said. “It’s just timing Chucky, don’t hate the playa.”Durant has always been a controversial figure due to his move to Golden State in 2016. It’s something that will always hang over his head and now that the Warriors have added another title to their legacy, there is no doubt that Durant will have to endure even more potential slander.

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