KenTheMan Lets It All Hang Out On “No Panties”

KenTheMan has been on the rise for a minute now. In October of last year, we talked to the Houston rapper about everything from the origins of her name to working with PornHub. The interview followed the release of her most recent project of length, What’s My Name, a ten song EP including “I’m Perfect,” “No Name,” and “Rose Gold Stripper Pole,” which had a 2 Chainz appearance on its remix.Now, KenTheMan is back with a new single, “No Panties,” a delightfully raunchy quick hit in which the rapper talks about pleasuring, and being pleasured by, a lover. The beat comprises a hard-hitting 808 and a simple piano line, complimenting KenTheMan’s matter-of-fact delivery. There are certainly a few gems in the rapper’s lyrics, which are filled to the brim with filthy details. “I don’t wanna see you, bae, I wanna see that Carti face,” she says at one point.”No Panties” follows two other singles released by KenTheMan back in March, “Feelin Sexy” and “Join Em.” Check out the song below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.Quotable Lyrics:Bae, you see I got these panties onIf you nasty, come and eat it with my panties onPussy get wetter for a n***a when his money longStill can get left alone, ain’t tricking on meThеn he spending all his money wrong

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