Kendrick Lamar & Taylour Paige Emulate A Toxic Relationship On “We Cry Together”

While Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers sees the Compton native make a triumphant return with 18 incredible songs, there are a handful of titles on the tracklist that go above and beyond, capturing fans from their very first listen and telling a picture-perfect story without the use of any visuals.”We Cry Together,” the first disc’s eighth track, is a perfect example of that. The nearly six-minute-long song features Taylour Paige and finds her and Lamar going relentlessly back and forth over a beat produced by Bekon, J.LBS, and The Alchemist.”I swear, I’m tired of these emotional-ass, ungrateful-ass bitches (Shut the fuck up) / Unstable-ass, confrontational-ass dumb bitches / You wanna bring a n*gga down, even when I’m tryna do right / We could go our separate ways right now, you could move on with your life,” the father of two raps on the first verse.Paige answers him with, “F*ck you n*gga, you love a pity party, I won’t show up / Always act like your shit don’t stink, motherf*cker, grow up (Man, f*ck you) / Forever late for shit, won’t buy shit, sit around and deny shit (Man) / F*ck around on a side bitch, then come f*ckin’ up my shit.”Stream “We Cry Together” on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud below, and read our in-depth analysis of the song here. Quotable Lyrics:On God, you ain’t gettin’ these keysGive me my f*cking keysAh, now you mad at me, I got you hollerin’ for nothin’I do the same when we f*ckin’Act like that p*ssy ain’t looseI’d rather act like I’m cummin’I’d rather f*ck off the juiceI’d rather f*ck on your cousinB*tch, you said you gon’ f*ck who?You heard me, n*gga, it’s nothing (Alright)Kendrick Lamar · We Cry Together ft. Taylour Paige

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