Kehlani Doubles Down On “Invasive As F*ck” Comments After “The Morning Hustle” Hosts Defend Themselves

Following their appearance on The Morning Hustle, Kehlani made it very evident that they’re not interested in doing interviews with just anyone anymore. Once the conversation hit the internet, fans quickly realized why, although the show’s hosts have made a point to explain their side of the story.”It was a whack interview, now let me tell you why it was whack,” one of the interviewers explained. “When Kehlani first came in, [them and their] team came in about an hour and a half early before our scheduled interview – this is a syndicated morning show, we cannot stop the show to do the interview.”Jon Kopaloff/Getty ImagesThe Morning Hustle staff also shared that Kehlani’s body language of sitting with their arms crossed was off-putting. “You walked in the door, you did not speak to anybody in the room,” the interviewer claimed before getting her co-host to agree. “She came in cold and distant and nasty, sat in her chair and folded her arms.”They then pulled out a clip from another interview where the blue water road artist confirmed that they used she/they pronouns in an attempt to clear up the speculation that Kehlani was upset over being referred to as “her” throughout.While the hosts have done their part to clear their names, the R&B vocalist has since doubled down on her previous comments, maintaining that the interview was “invasive as f*ck” in her opinion.”I didn’t come any earlier than I was supposed to,” the mother of one clarified. “I had just finished Yung Joc’s radio show, really good energy… I def said hi to everyone. I sat down and immediately OD’ing with the [pronouns] felt like a mockery.”Kehlani continued, “Every time I started to open up [about] something, shit came… Asked me if I was scissoring my friend, asked me if I ever heard of my own girlfriend, and much more… I sat through the entire interview really embarrassed and still only said ‘no more interviews’ after.””That post did not come until the next day, that was used for clout. I have done really amazing beautiful interviews the entire week and even that morning right before! I was perfectly fine when I walked in, and every single person that came in with me felt how wrong all of it was. Getting up and leaving would’ve been a cop-out, cussing someone out would’ve been awful.”In conclusion, the “Toxic” songstress told readers that they “did [their] best while protecting [their] energy and being mocked to [their] face.”

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