Kanye West & XXXTentacion’s “True Love” Has Fans Clamoring For “DONDA 2”

Last night, Kanye West blessed fans with an official release for “True Love” which is a song that is famous for being off of DONDA 2. This track features XXXTentacion and as soon as it was played at the DONDA 2 listening party, fans fell in love with it. It is a slow and melodic track that displays great chemistry between the two and it also shows that X was a versatile artist who could take on a bevy of styles.The official version was placed on streaming services and it also made its way to X’s YouTube channel, as you can see down below. This was great news for hip-hop fans who are already saying that this is one of the best Kanye songs they have heard in quite some time.Immediately after the release of the track, fans took to Twitter where they proclaimed their desire to hear a fully realized version of DONDA 2. The version that is on the Stem player isn’t fully mastered and it is something that fans clocked immediately. Having said that, there is this real sense that a full version of DONDA 2 could be coming to streaming services soon.”If all of Donda 2 gets finished to this degree and is released on streaming, we will be getting another classic,” one Twitter user said. Another mirrored those comments stating “I love love love the final version of True Love. It makes me hungry for a finalized Donda 2.”Let us know what you think of “True Love,” in the comments down below.

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