Johnny Depp Is Not Having A Love Affair With Attorney Camille Vasquez: Report

Every bit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial is being dissected as the former couple go at it in court. Both Hollywood stars have accused the other of unthinkable abuse—whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. Heard has seemingly admitted to defecating on Depp’s bed, while she claimed that he hit her in the face and shoved his fingers in her genitals, looking for cocaine.Each new headline reads like a Hollywood script of chaos, but this all boils down to Depp and Heard suing one another for exorbitant amounts of money. The latest turn in the saga is allegations that Depp is carrying on some love affair with one of his attorneys, but TMZ reported that this just isn’t the case. Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty ImagesCamille Vasquez is reportedly one of several attorneys working on Depp’s case, and during the trial, there have been photos taken, and shared, of the two’s interactions. This has led to rumors and gossip leaks about an alleged relationship, but “sources” have come forward to quickly shut down that conversation.TMZ reported that social media fanatics have run wild with the rumors on both TikTok and Twitter. “To that point, our sources tell us … everyone on the legal team is buttoned up, but they’ve all gotten very close to their client — it’s become both a professional relationship and a friendship.” They added, “As for all the smiling and giggling some have noticed between Johnny and Camille, we’re told she finds him funny … and couldn’t help but laugh at some of his antics and/or his sense of humor.”Vasquez is reportedly in a relationship with a man in real estate, but this information hasn’t kept people from speculating.  [via]

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