JJ Redick Goes After Max Kellerman Over Luka Doncic Slander

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks are struggling right now. They are down 3-0 to the Golden State Warriors which means they are more than likely going to lose this series. Doncic has been averaging over 34 points per game throughout this series which just goes to show that his efforts should be enough for his team to go out and win. Unfortunately, the Mavericks continue to lose and now, it has given some TV personalities carte blanche to say whatever even if it isn’t that accurate. A perfect example of this came yesterday when Max Kellerman said that Luka is not good enough to make his teammates better. This captured the attention of JJ Redick who put Kellerman in his place.Ron Jenkins/Getty Images“Let’s hold on a second. Luka doesn’t make people better? Magic or Bird, they played with Hall of Famers, man,” Redick said. “Luka is playing on a team with rotation players with 2nd round picks, undrafted guys like Dorian Finney-Smith. His shot quality created for his Mavs teammates in the last two seasons, #1 in the NBA. They’re shooting 33% on wide open threes. It’s not his fault they can’t make shots.”Redick has become a bonafide superstar on ESPN and fans always love his insight. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that fans were quick to agree with JJ who has actually played on the same team as Doncic.While Doncic probably won’t be going to the NBA Finals this year, he still has a very bright future ahead.

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