Jessica White Denies Being Pregnant By Nick Cannon: “Stay Out Of My Uterus”

Now that it has reportedly been confirmed that Nick Cannon is the father of Abby De La Rosa’s latest child, his blended family once again has made headlines. During a recent interview with Lip Service, Cannon seemingly suggested that he has more children on the way. At the time, it was only known that Bre Tiesi was pregnant with his eighth child and now De La Rosa, who gave birth to Cannon’s twins last summer, is reportedly expecting his ninth.This news set off reports about several other women who are also allegedly pregnant with Cannon’s baby, and model Jessica White found her name in the mix after posing on the cover of Cannon’s latest album. Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty ImagesWhite also stars in a short-film music video related to the release, and after receiving messages about potentially being with child, she fired off a message to the public.”Understand this! No I’m NOT pregnant,” she wrote. “I am a great creative force who’s focuse is on business. Stay the hell out of my uterus because it’s invasive and disgusting especially to someone who has fertility issues. Nothing will get in the way of this moment for me as a female director and artist. I do not belong apart of tabloid flutter. I love, and I am brilliant on my own.”She added, “Now go watch the movie Nick cannon trusted me to write and direct for him. And go stream RAW&B creatively directed by me! Please stay focused on my greatest.”White and Cannon have reportedly dated on and off for years. She previously shared that she and Cannon suffered a miscarriage, but White has also been supportive of Cannon’s relationships.

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