Jayson Tatum Delivers Definitive Stance On Jaylen Brown Trade Rumor

Over the last week or so, the Boston Celtics have had to deal with a very interesting report. This report actually has to do with Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. Everyone knows that Durant wants to be traded from the Nets, although nothing has materialized so far. With that said, it was recently revealed that the Celtics offered the Nets a package for Durant that included franchise cornerstone, Jaylen Brown.Celtics fans were pretty shocked by this report especially since the Celtics made it to the NBA Finals this year with their current core. Brown is an exceptional young player, and it just wouldn’t make sense for the Celtics to part ways with him, especially for a player that is aging and on a rival team.Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesJayson Tatum remains the best player on the Celtics roster, and recently, he was asked about the rumors and whether or not he wants everyone on the roster to be back this year. Tatum was very matter-of-fact in his answer noting that due to everyone’s contract status, they really have no choice.“Yeah, we don’t have any free agents on the team. So everybody has to come back,” Tatum said. He also made sure to note that he has been in contact with his teammates and that he wants them in Boston for the long haul.The Brown reports are certainly concerning, but when KD is available, it only makes sense that some teams would get a little crazy.

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