Jayda Cheaves Says Men Don’t Appreciate Women Like They Used To, “It’s Kind Of Scary”

Jayda Cheaves may have started as an Instagram model, but she’s managed to turn herself into a business mogul. At age 24, she has launched numerous businesses, wrote her own book, and faced the cover of numerous magazines. Aside from her loads of success, the Georgia native is also known for being involved in drama with her ex-boyfriend, Lil Baby. She and the rapper started dating in 2016, and had their son, Loyal Armani, in 2019. Their relationship was filled with ups and downs that were, oftentimes, displayed on social media.Nonetheless, the two officially stopped dating in March of this year after throwing shots at each other on Instagram. Now, more than a month after their split, the influencer is voicing her opinion on today’s world of relationships. Prince Williams/Getty ImagesWhile on Instagram live, she started the conversation by asking, “Do y’all feel like the value of women to guys has went down? Or guys just don’t respect us or appreciate us like how they used to back in the 80s or the 90s?”Continuing with her argument, she said, “As far as a man literally worshipping the ground a woman walks on– it’s kind of rare these days. We’re running out of that.” She defended her statement by saying that she feels like women have to fight for a spot in a man’s life.She ended her rant by detailing how important women are in society, saying that they run the world. “I feel like [we’re] the reason this sh*t keeps spinning. Women are taking over day by day.” She also plugged that she’ll be talking about the topic more on her upcoming podcast.After The Shade Room shared her IG live onto their platform, Jayda hopped into the comments to further expound on her point. She wrote, “I was speaking on casual scenarios such as them WANTING to take us on dates, wanting to show us off, wanting to be there and support us. Now it’s like they not giving us nothing if we not kissing the ground they walk on…”Watch the entire clip below. What are your thoughts on her opinion?Image via Instagram

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