Jason Derulo Uses Cardi B As Example Of Why Singing Competition Shows Need A “Spark”

If you thought that singing competition shows were on the decline, think again. For decades there have been series dedicated to taking unknowns and thrusting them into the spotlight, and there are plenty of options to choose from as a viewer—American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and more. We’ve watched as talented hopefuls have their dreams shattered after being eliminated or booted from lineups after famous judges tell them that their abilities just aren’t up to par, but Jason Derulo doesn’t think that these shows are necessarily finding the right talent.The singer and social media influencer recently caught up with Billboard and stated that competition shows such as these need to focus on the “spark” that a person has, not just their talent alone.Lisa Lake / Stringer / Getty Images”I think a lot of times in these competition-based shows, they’re not looking for a special thing about a person but they’re looking for the best voice. Unfortunately, that is not what makes a star,” said Derulo. “It’s a special something about somebody that makes a star. Cardi B, before she put out any music, people were into Cardi B, she had that special something.””That’s why when you’re watching these shows like American Idol and The Voice, no star is coming out of them, very few and far between. Kelly Clarkson, yes, Carrie Underwood, yes. But how many seasons have there been?” Derulo has been promoting his Tuborg Open campaign where he reportedly will find and sign six artists from around the globe.The controversy regarding winners of these popular shows not receiving their just do has been an ongoing conversation. Most are awarded record deals or opportunities to record and release music with superstars. However, even with the visibility and new industry contacts, many fade away as the next cycle of contestants is revealed.[via]

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