Jackboy Shares His New Project “Majorly Independent”

Ever since Jackboy’s departure from Sniper Gang, he’s proven that he doesn’t need a major label system to further his career. In the past few years, he’s unveiled several bodies of work that have cemented him as a voice in Florida’s rap scene. Though he typically dishes out several projects a year, he’s been rather lowkey since the top of 2022. He dropped off a handful of singles but today, he shared his latest body of work, Majorly Independent. Jackboy’s 13-song project boasts appearances from Mozzy and Lexxtasy, who appears on the previously released single, “Prize.” It’s another body of work that speaks to JackBoy’s consistency every single time he drops a project. Press play below on Jackboy’s new project, Majorly Independent and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

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