Jack Harlow Receives Praise From Pharrell In The Studio: “This Is History”

We’re inching closer to New Music Friday and a huge release on the horizon comes from Jack Harlow. The Kentucky rapper has been on a meteoric climb within these last few years and with each step, he’s only carving out a longer legacy in Hip Hop. We’ve recently received singles like “Nail Tech” and “First Class,” two songs that will arrive alongside 13 others.Harlow recently shared the tracklist to Come Home The Kids Miss You, and it includes names like Justin Timberlake, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Pharrell.Earlier today, Harlow gave a sneak peek into what it was like locking in the studio with Skateboard P. The pair look like they were making magic and we’ll hear all about it on their track, “Movie Star.” In the clip, Pharrell claps and added, “This is history.”Meanwhile, during his recent interview with Rolling Stone, Harlow spoke about his wanting to create tracks that are fitting for “all moods.” He mentioned iconic albums like Kanye West’s Late Registration and Drake’s Nothing Was the Same being records that are flooded with songs that can be played at any time.“Is it a song that you want to hear at any moment, in all moods,” Harlow said. “Or is it meant for just one mood — for the club or before you work out? I have to get over my burning desire to make all of the songs on an album ‘always,’ because then it never cuts through. But I listen to f*ckin’ Late Registration — so many ‘always’ on there. Nothing Was the Same? So many ‘always’ on there. But you can’t let it steer the ship.”Check out the tracklist and studio clip below, and check-in with us at the top of Friday (May 6) for Come Home The Kids Miss You.Tracklist1. Talk of the Town2. Young Harleezy3. I’d Do Anything to Make You Smile4. First Class5. Dua Lipa6. Side Piece7. Movie Star ft. Pharrell8. Lil Secret9. I Got a Shot10. Churchill Downs ft. Drake11. Like a Blade of Grass12. Parent Trap ft. Justin Timberlake13. Poison ft. Lil Wayne14. Nail Tech15. State Fair[via]

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