Jack Harlow Called Out After Messing With Camerawoman’s Livelihood

Jack Harlow is a bit of a prankster. The rapper, who is gearing up to release a new album on Friday, is always looking to make jokes and have a good time. Unfortunately, like all goofsters and gaffsters, sometimes he goes just a bit too far, and it gets people on the internet to hate him for just a few hours.On Sunday, Harlow was at the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks basketball game where he was sitting pretty close to a camerawoman. In the clip below, Harlow could be seen messing with the settings on her camera. Eventually the clip made the rounds on social media, and Harlow became public enemy number one.The camerawoman, Tami Nguyen, didn’t seem to mind the ordeal as she took to her Twitter account with an offer for Harlow, saying “Hi @jackharlow you owe me chicken fingers.”While Nguyen didn’t care that much, the same cannot be said for the rest of Twitter. As you can see in the quote tweets below, Harlow was roasted for what he did to the camerawoman. In the eyes of many, this was not remotey funny as Harlow could have gotten the woman fired.Let us know what you think of Harlow’s actions, in the comments section down below.

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