Ja Morant’s Father Claps Back At Social Media Haters

Throughout the NBA playoffs, Ja Morant’s father, Tee Morant, has been a familiar face on the sidelines. Tee is always there for his son and while he might be Ja’s biggest critique, there is no doubt that he loves his son and just wants him to have the best performances possible. Unfortunately for both Ja and Tee, fans don’t seem to enjoy either of these two men. Ja is considered cocky thanks to his tweets, while some believe that Tee is just doing too much on the court and that he is a helicopter parent akin to none other than LaVar Ball.In a recent article from Marc Spears, Tee Morant spoke about some of the hate he has gotten on social media and whether or not it is something that he feels is worth paying attention to. As you can see down below, Tee thinks it is pretty ridiculous as he just wants to support his son, all while showing a bit of sportsmanship.Thearon W. Henderson/Getty ImagesPer Spears:“Somebody put on social media that I was annoying right after Game 1 because I embraced [Stephen] Curry, had a conversation with him and Klay Thompson as well,” Tee Morant said. “And then after that, all of a sudden, I’m annoying? I’m in the player’s space? It’s sportsmanship to me but it was like, ‘Wow.’ So, I’m annoying for supporting my child?“And if you know me, my motto is, and pardon my French, ‘That don’t do s— to my blood pressure.’ Meaning if somebody’s thinking what I’m doing is negative or saying negative things about me or whatever, I couldn’t care less because it don’t do [s—] to my blood pressure. I’m going to keep being me because that’s all I know how to do.”With Ja out of the playoffs with an injury, it is safe to say the Grizzlies won’t make it past the Warriors. However, Tee continues to support the team, which is the true sign of a great dad. Hopefully, fans come around to the fun he’s trying to have.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images[Via]

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