iLoveMakonnen & NBA YoungBoy Collab To Produce Single “ALL MY SHIT IS STUPID”

Makonnen Kamali Sheran, better known as iLoveMakonnen, is a rapper, singer, and record producer from Los Angeles California. He’s known for his unique beats that range from pop, rap, and futuristic, along with his playful lyrics that make everyone want to sing along.NBA YoungBoy is a 22-year-old rapper from Louisiana who has managed to surpass some great milestones at such a young age. Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, the rapper is highly recognized for his bass-thumping records filled with vulgar lines about living a dangerous lifestyle.While their approach to music seems to differ, the two were still able to combine their skills for their newest, and first, collaborative single. On Friday, “ALL MY SHIT IS STUPID” dropped on all streaming platforms. The three-minute record has a electronic type of sound accompanied by high-pitched drums and bass.Both rappers took turns spitting verses, showing off their abundance of skill. YB spoke on issues that he’s currently facing, rapping, “The way she give head, she ahead of me. And all these labels wanna bury me.” This is in reference to him trying to get out of his deal with Atlantic Records. Makonnen was his usual fun-loving self during his part, saying, “High as fuck, don’t give a fuck, still ride, no license in that truck.”Listen to the new record now on Apple Music or Spotify.Quotable LyricsCame from the trap, where the bricks and the stick goKnow I’m smokin’ gas, it ain’t came from the CitgoBad bitch say she want MakonnenTold her that’s okay, long as your friend go

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