IG Model Brags About LeBron James Looking At Her Post & Gets Dragged

No one is quite sure why an Instagram model and fashion designer decided to call out LeBron James but it didn’t end well for her. Social media is filled with people checking out posts, Stories, Reels, and all other avenues of seeing what the world is up to in real-time, and influencers rack up many of those views. Models who pose in exotic locations, show off luxury goods, or flaunt their fit physiques in barely-there bikinis can amass huge followings, much like Ghazal Tavoosi.Over the weekend, Tavoosi did a bit of flexing on IG after she shared a screenshot showing who looked at her Story, including LeBron James.From the look of things, Bron didn’t do anything other than take a look at the posts, but Tavoosi added a note where she boasted about the famous men who were apparently paying attention to her.”Every day a new rapper/ athlete creepin,” she wrote next to Bron’s name on her screenshot. “GM to ya’ll Still a no for me [crown emoji].” It seems that she left the emoji because it’s the same one James uses in his IG profile as his nickname is “King James.”The post quickly went viral and the backlash was swift, as people didn’t understand what point Tavoosi was trying to prove. The reactions definitely were passionate as the public didn’t hold back in telling Tavoosi that they believed she was using the opportunity to make the NBA icon look bad. Check it out below.InstagramInstagramInstagram

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