Ice T & Coco Slammed By Internet For Pushing 6 Year-Old Daughter In A Stroller

Ice T has a robust internet presence. He goes viral on Twitter routinely, most recently for telling a robbery joke about high gas prices. His wife, Coco Austin, and daughter, Chanel, are also no strangers to internet fame. The internet was abuzz when Coco posted a video of Chanel teaching her grandmother how to twerk.But internet popularity is a double-edged sword, and now the family is seeing its downsides. In a recent Twitter post, Coco shared a picture of Chanel in a stroller at a mall in the Bahamas, writing that the child was “so over it unless there’s something cool to see.” It proved to be controversial.Jon Kopaloff/Getty ImagesThe post garnered immediate backlash, as many commenters expressed their view that Chanel was too old to be in a stroller. “She is a cutie but upset you two have her in a stroller and she’s in elementary school,” one user, @lamalwaysrealru, wrote.This isn’t the first bout of criticism Coco has gotten for her parenting style. Back in 2019, Austin shared photos of her breastfeeding Chanel, who at that point was four years old. Criticisms quickly came pouring in, and even Ice T had to step in and defend his wife’s decision. Coco was undeterred by the internet’s distain, and posted another breastfeeding photo a few months later. A year later, she continued to defend breastfeeding Chanel, who then was five.This isn’t to say that Coco’s parenting only has haters. Many showed up in her comments to justify her use of a stroller. “Why does anyone care if the baby is in a stroller?” @RainCAdams wrote. “Small kids get tired!”Check out Coco’s post, and some of the responses, below.[via]

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