Hasim Rahman Jr. Accuses Jake Paul Of Being A Liar

Just a couple of days ago, Jake Paul hopped on Twitter to reveal that his upcoming fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. would be canceled. This match was going to be held at Madison Square Garden and there was a whole undercard to go along with it. Now, none of the events are happening, and there is a lot being said as to why this cancelation was necessary.According to Paul, Rahman Jr. was nowhere close to cutting weight for the fight. He needed to be at 205 pounds by fight night, however, he was still 215 pounds up until a few days ago. Paul felt like this was incredibly disrespectful, and he decided to pull the plug on the fight, claiming Rahman Jr. wasn’t living up to his end of the bargain.Following this news, Rahman Jr. spoke to Fight Hub TV where he gave his side of the story. As you can see down below, the boxer claims that he was fully prepared to get down to 205 prior to the fight, although Paul and his people decided to chicken out. Basically, Rahman Jr. believes Paul was extremely scared and that he was looking for any reason to ditch the bout. Simply put, Rahman Jr. believes Paul is a liar.Paul was originally going to fight Tommy Fury, although Paul’s team pulled the plug on Fury after he couldn’t get into the United States. Needless to say, Paul and his team have very little patience, and it has ultimately led to a less than ideal predicament for everyone involved.

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