Gunna Speaks With His Godson On Video Call From Prison: Watch

It’s been relatively quiet on Gunna’s front since the “Pushin P” hitmaker was locked up alongside Young Thug and other YSL associates on a 56-count gang indictment earlier this year, though we’ve now received what looks to be the first video footage of Sergio Giavanni Kitchens behind bars.Earlier this weekend, a clip surfaced on social media showing Gunna on a video call with his young Godson. The 29-year-old was all smiles as he watched the little boy sitting with his parents. “He’s like, ‘What’s going on?'” one of the women said, perhaps speaking on even the child’s recognition of the absurdity of the situation.Yuchen Liao/Getty Images”Sounds like a real playa doe,” Gunna responds, still smiling as the baby babbles and giggles in response.Everyone in the room shared in the laughter, and though the clip was brief, it gives fans the comfort of knowing that the DS4EVER artist is doing his best to remain in high spirits.Earlier this month, a new photo of the Atlanta rapper surfaced online after he was denied bond for the second time, and some viewers expressed concern over his appearance.Around the same time, reports also began circulating that a nurse had been caught smuggling weed and other drugs into Fulton County Jail for Gunna, though his attorney has adamantly shut those down.”None of the allegations made today, these so-called new allegations, are accurate,” attorney Steve Sadow clarified before providing a statement on behalf of the imprisoned artist’s parents.”All they’re looking for is their son to get a fair shake, and they don’t think that’s happening so far.”Tap back in with HNHH later for any future updates on the YSL Gang Indictment.

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