Glorilla Gets New Teeth Following Viral Hit “FNF (Let’s Go)”

Sometimes, a mark of success can be as simple, but as meaningful as a cosmetic change. That’s what Glorilla showed off today, just weeks after her song “FNF” reached viral sensation status on Spotify and TikTok. Glorilla recently posted some snaps of her new teeth on Instagram, where she shouted out cosmetic dentist Dr. Q for his work.Following the viral success of “FNF,” produced by fellow Memphis native Hitkidd (the two comprise a duo), the new wave of attention on platforms like TikTok and YouTube brought her a fair amount of haters as well. As some fans in the comments section of her new post noted, she got a lot of negative attention for her teeth, which led some fans to think this was a direct response. Nevertheless, fans poured out support and compliments for the rapper in spades.Glorilla also captioned the pics with “Hey Alexa , PLAY BODAK YELLOW” and tagged Cardi B as a shoutout. On it, Cardi raps “Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you h*es know it ain’t cheap.” As a cheeky callback to a queen of the game, one can’t help but be reminded of Cardi’s own come-up and the explosion of “Bodak Yellow.” It’s clear Glorilla has a bright career ahead.@partynextshore_ LETS GOOOOOO! Are these the new summer anthem girls 👀 #fnf#fyp♬ F.N.F. (Let’s Go) – Hitkidd & GlorillaThe song’s success on TikTok and streaming platforms has been propelled by fans sharing the song and other rap pages posting it, such as the clip breakdown above.Whether it’s from the success of “FNF” or killing her new looks, Glorilla is shutting the haters up left and right and is on the rise.You can check out the music video for “FNF” with Hitkidd below.

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