Glen “Big Baby” Davis Shouts Out Lizzo: “I Need You”

Glen “Big Baby” Davis has always been one of the most entertaining guys in the basketball world. From his time with the Celtics to his days in The Big 3, Davis has always cracked jokes and been the life of the party. Having said that, there is no doubt that he was the perfect guest for Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s “All The Smoke” podcast.In the early stages of the interview, Davis got to speak about his love for Lizzo. As you can see in the clip down below, Davis even shoots his shot with Lizzo, saying that he needs her and that he wants to get together with her. While Lizzo might have a boyfriend right now, it’s clear that Davis is a very motivated man.Adam Glanzman/BIG3/Getty Images”Yeah, I wanna do something with her,” Davis said. “Yeah, I wanna do something with Lizzo. I ain’t even gon’ lie. I just like her personality. Lizzo, I’m talking to you. I’m reaching out. I done see you a couple of times, I ain’t really say nothing, but … I need you. I need you! Your energy — I feel like you and me together is a hell of a combination and we represent for the big people. I think you’re awesome, you beautiful and you know … I like that!”For now, Davis is going to have to wait for his dreams to come true. Perhaps some day, however, Davis can have the union with Lizzo he so craves.

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