“Free Drake” Trends After Rumor Claims Rapper Was Arrested In Sweden

These days, rumors spread like wildfire, and tonight (July 14), the internet is ablaze after gossip about Drake hit social media. When you’re one of the most famous people in the world, it is inevitable that people will make up stories about your life. Drake is familiar with having his name entangled in false reports and tales crafted by his fans’ imaginations, but this latest report seems to have set the internet on fire, even without proof.On Instagram, someone sparked a rumor that Drake and members of his entourage were been arrested in Sweden after they were allegedly found with marijuana.Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty ImagesSoon, that news traveled to Twitter, and although absolutely no one from Drake’s camp has confirmed or denied the chatter, people began firing off posts and memes about the unsubstantiated incident.Lest we forget, this is also the same country that kept A$AP Rocky incarcerated on assault charges back in 2019. This has caused Drake’s fans to add a few Donald Trump memes because it was the former president that aided in Rocky’s release. If it was true, it would have been interesting to see how all of this panned out with Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.Some believe that this rumor was started in reaction to the Brittney Griner case involving the WNBA star who has been jailed in Russia for months after being found with cannabis while traveling through an airport.We will keep you updated with news from Drake should it arise, however, there are already reports claiming that his reps have shut this rumor down. Check out a few reactions to the rumor below. 

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