Freddie Gibbs Reflects On Beef With DJ Akademiks & Gunna: “It’s All Love”

Freddie Gibbs recently discussed his ongoing beefs with personalities such as DJ Akademiks, Gunna, and more, remarking that “nobody gonna get hurt.” The Gary, Indiana rapper spoke about other rappers having problems with him during a clip from an upcoming interview with Yo! MTV Raps. When asked how he keeps finding himself in the middle of so much drama, Gibbs said, “I like it that way, it gotta be that way. I’m from Gary and shit I gotta represent for them and you punking me, you punking Gary.”Brad Barket / Getty ImagesHe added: “I love DJ Akademiks, I like Gunna, I be bumping his shit I like that shit ‘I can’t fuck with Freddie Gibbs,’ that’s my shit. I know these n****s is not me. I’m something different, and that’s cool, it’s all love. We just leave it at that. We different n****s, ain’t nobody gonna get hurt ain’t nobody gonna punch nobody ain’t no nobody gonna shoot nobody.”Gibbs’s interview with TMZ was reportedly recorded before being allegedly jumped by associates of Benny the Butcher in Buffalo. The incident went down earlier this month ahead of a concert Gibbs had scheduled in the city.Check out the clip from Gibbs’s interview with TMZ below. The full interview will be going live on Tuesday.[Via]

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