Flying Lotus Teams Up With Devin Tracy For New Double-Single “The Room”

Flying Lotus is one of the most creative producers in the hip-hop world as he is constantly reinventing himself while offering new and unique sounds. He also has an ear for talent and while in a studio session, he met singer Devin Tracy. This working relationship blossomed and now, the producer is here with a double single called “The Room” which also comes with a song labeled “You Don’t Know.”As you will hear down below, Tracy has a beautiful voice that pairs perfectly with Flying Lotus’ instrumentation. Both songs are jazzy and have luscious vibes to them that certainly pair well with the summer. Meanwhile, Tracy does a phenomenal job of navigating these instrumentals with nice melodies that will have you wanting to hear more from the artist.Let us know what you think of these two new tracks, in the comments down below.Quotable Lyrics:There’s a side of me I tend to fightWatch me fall again deep in your eyesWhy do I fall in love too easily?You made me soft, I’m down on my knees

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