Fenix Flexin Unloads His Latest Project “Fenix Flexin Vol. 2”

It feels like a lifetime ago when Shoreline Mafia emerged as the hottest collective out on the West Coast. Things changed, and the group disbanded to embark on solo journeys, which have been fruitful for some of the members. Fenix Flexin has been applying pressure over the past two years as he’s established his solo catalog.After releasing his self-titled solo debut in 2021, he’s returned with the follow-up. Fenix Flexin Vol. 2 finds the rapper come through with sleek West Coast bangers with eerie production and vivid tales of the streets. It’s another excellent body of work that proves Fenix Flexin is gunning for longevity in hip-hop.Check out Fenix Flexin Vol. 2 and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the rapper’s latest project. 

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